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4Life® Italy News

4Life® Italy News

Dear 4Life Distributor,

In the last few years, the Italian market has experienced great growth, thanks to the hard work of our Distributors. I’m excited to implement changes to the Italian compensation plan that were announced during the recent Europe Convention: Together 2019. These changes will be effective on April 2. The updates will help align Italy with other international markets.

Along with changes to the Italian Life Rewards Plan™, the Italian Builder Bonus will have new requirements that will be leveraged by the three pillars of enrollment, duplication, and retention. Plus, we will launch our new, exclusive “Io vinco!” (I Win!) incentive to help new Diamonds and Presidential Diamonds in Italy get recognized and grow their businesses in 2019. 

You can read more about the changes by visiting our italian dedicated section on 4lifetools.eu. I am confident that the new changes will boost the Italian business and the monthly qualifications. 

Thank you for joining with us in Together, Building People through science, success, and service. 

Best regards,


Rafael Fernández
European Vice President
4Life Research